Non criminal immigration arrests has doubled under Trump rule

Posted on: 19 Apr 2017  |   Tags: ,

Immigration_Raids   With Trump’s rules of immigration getting stricter, the tally of immigration arrests in the first few weeks of Trump’s administration rose by 32.6%. This consisted of undocumented immigrants as well as the otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants who also do not have any residency documents. In contrast to last year’s statistics of 16,104 arrests for the period of January to mid-March, this year there has been a sharp rise with 21,362 arrests. This number included the arrest of immigrants who otherwise had no criminal record and that too at 5,441. All this unprecedented fervor of arrests has led to an air of uncertainty and tension amongst immigrant communities. Such is the condition that in the courthouses too, these cases are making it hard for crime to be prosecuted.  Statistics say that nearly three fourth of the immigrants arrested this year are accused with criminal convictions. This percentage is an increase from last year’s 15 percent. The highest increase in number of arrests is in Boston, New York and other notable areas. Dan Satterberg, a top prosecutor in Washington State’s King County said that it seems the Government has done which it should have done in back decades in a few months. They are really fast and serious on this issue. In a surprising revelation, ICE’s Atlanta office tops in arresting highest numbers of immigrants not committing any crimes; the number reaching the highest of 700 arrests from 137 the prior year. Another place that registers 356 noncriminal arrests, six times more than the previous year is Philadelphia. Furthermore, another place that registered more than 2000 arrests is Dallas. These arrested immigrants are then handed over to agents who take them into custody and deport them. With the number at 22,161 this time, there has been an astounding rise of 75% from last year’s stats. It would be worthy to mention here that the number of non-criminals deported is higher than that of criminals. Here, it is sad to mention that Trump still struggles to get countries like China take back their citizens despite his pledge to keep the States free of criminals. It is needless to say here that Trump’s predecessor too had deported thousands of immigrants not holding any criminal records. Arrests recorded during Obama’s first weeks in 2014, had 7,483 non-criminal cases with a total of 29,238 arrested immigrants.

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