No Conspiracy in Hong Kong's Visa Denials - Director of Immigration

No Conspiracy in Hong Kong's Visa Denials - Director of ImmigrationNo visitor was denied Hong Kong's visa as a result of conspiracy according to the country's immigration chief. Erick Tsang, Hong Kong's director of immigration, revealed on Sunday that each year, tens of thousands are denied entry into Hong Kong, all of which he said are with explanations. He stated further that everything done by his department is in line with the laws of the country. Mr. Tsang’s comments are subsequent to several denial cases that are considered politically sensitive. One of such is the expulsion of Victor Mallet, a Financial Times journalist. The denial of his visa renewal was a sequel to him chairing a talk by Andy Chan, a pro-independence activist.

The Law is Supreme

Defending his department's denial decisions, Tsang said every decision they make is informed by existing laws, policies and procedures. We can't violate the law or do just anything we feel like, he said. He explained that it's either the people denied do not meet the immigration requirements of the country or are considered detrimental or dangerous to the country. Parallel traders and pregnant women from mainland China without hospital appointments are examples of such cases according to the director. It has nothing to do with conspiracy or preferential treatment, he concluded. These decisions are made by frontline staff at control points definitely as guided by the law, says Mr. Tsang when asked if he's responsible for rejections final choices. It's not possible for me to make the calls concerning every decision across the 16 contact points in Hong Kong, he affirmed. He also clarified that while it is possible for an individual to hold more than one Hong Kong passport, only one of such passports will be valid at any given time. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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