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New Zealand Reports Reduced Number Of Overstayers

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The Immigration department of New Zealand has reported a stark decrease in the number of overstaying foreigners as compared to the situation ten years ago. The department credits its strict border security as well as streamlined processes which track the activities of foreign visitors.

The agency compared numbers from the past and the present which were around 20,000 and 10,894 respectively. This decrease is almost about half in number.

There are multiple factors influencing this situation. According to Professor Spoonley, immigrants from Samoa and Tonga constituted about three quarters of the overstayers. He also said increased checking was not the only factor responsible for this drop.

Many of the overstayers actually found jobs instead of staying on as undocumented people. The end of the global financial crisis played an important role in these circumstances. It actually spurred the demand for labour, which the employers and immigrants were happy to capitalize on. This is in part due to the initiatives taken by the New Zealand government. For example, the Recognized Employer Scheme allowed Tongans to find legitimate employment.

border control
Source: NZ Government

However, the efforts of Border Control agency can not be ignored. They played a key role in keeping an eye on all the visitors arriving in New Zealand. This is an incredible feat, considering the net visitor count is approximately six million, of which 2.7 million visitors are from overseas.

They were also successful in weeding out and rejecting people visiting New Zealand pretending to be tourists. Other visitors failed to show good character and clean criminal records, or were deported from other countries Had they been allowed, they would have been unlawful residents and a burden to deport. Consequently, a lot of tax-payer money was saved.

All in all, decisive action on part of New Zealand Immigration and Border Control departments is working as intended and keeping things under control.

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