NZ hires Trump close aid for E2 and E1 visa

Posted on: 14 Apr 2017  |   Tags: ,

E2 visa Recently the New Zealand embassy in the Washington DC announced that have appointed Mr. Stuart Jolly, who was previously appointed by Mr. Donald Trump as a field director in his election campaign to take part in the lobby for access on the E1 and E2 visa. The embassy stated that the recruitment was done to keep pressure alive for E2 Treaty Investor visa and US E1 Treaty Trader visa. It has always been a high priority for the New Zealand to gain access for E2 and E1 immigration scheme as the country people have to face many difficulties to obtain a USA work visa under the L-1 intra-company transfer visa and the H1B specialty worker visa scheme. The embassy also said that gaining access for Trader and Investor visa scheme will be a great help for the New Zealand based employers to recruit workers in their USA offices. According to the USA government database, Mr. Stuart Jolly was deputed to urge the American government to allow the people of New Zealand to obtain E2 and E1 investor and business visas. Currently E1 visa is available for the individuals who are engaged in different trades between the New Zealand and the USA and it is also mandatory for them to trade a sufficient amount of volume under which USA workers can be recruited while an investor having 50% ownership for a trade can become eligible for obtaining an E2 treaty investor visa. Mr. Jolly was also an important member and field director of the committee, which raised a high amount of money during the election campaign of Mr. Donald Trump. CEO of the Sonoran Policy Group, Mr. Bourge also said that he has written a letter addressing the deputy ambassador of New Zealand to ensure an increment of trade and investments between the two countries. According to the latest report published by the Daily Mail and Reuters, programs for E2 and E1 visas was a top priority for the New Zealand government for a long time to allow their country based companies to open franchises in the United States of America and to hire foreign workers. Catherine Beard, the executive director of the New Zealand export industry group said that an access was granted for the visas after negotiation with the USA for an agreement of free trade. According to another document from the USA government database, the contact between the NZ government and the Sonoran Policy Group will remain active for only 2 months and for which the embassy has to pay almost $50,000.  

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