New Sets of Migrant Caravan on Their Way to the US

New Sets of Migrant Caravan on Their Way to the USOn Wednesday, above 1,700 Honduras passed through Guatemala as they head towards the Mexican border in a bid to reach the US, representing another group of Central American migrants seeking asylum in the US. The United States and Mexico are still struggling to come to terms with the great number of migrants camped outside the US border awaiting asylum. The US has told them emphatically to turn back as they won't be allowed in, but they are bent on getting asylum in the country. They have nonetheless been frustrated by the number of asylum applications being treated daily and are trying several things to get across the border including breaching attempts which have seen border agents firing shots tear gas at them on two separate occasions. US' record-breaking partial government shutdown continues with no end in view as Mr. Trump will not flinch until he gets the funding he wants for building the US-Mexico border wall.  This has sparked a lot of debate and controversy in the US.

New Group of Migrants Emerge

Now, a new group of immigrants is advancing towards the US in great numbers. About 325 children or youths below age 18, as well as around 100 El Salvadorans, are in the group according to Guatemala’s National Immigration Institute. One would not have expected to see such numbers advance towards the US at a time like this given the stiffer policies of the current administration, but they said they are not dismayed. A member of the group, Miria Zelaya, said Mr. Trump's hard stance does not faze them. She said they are motivated by greater need. Another said he has to keep moving because he has been threatened by gangs back home to either join them or be killed. He, Adonay Hernandez, said he is sure he will make it to his relatives in North Carolina despite having just $20 with him. Many of the group revealed they hope to find a better life in Mexico from where they can then apply for asylum in the US. In the coming days, Mr. Trump will surely try to use this news to pressure Congress into funding his wall. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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