New Rules for Family Reunification

New Rules for Family ReunificationRefugee and immigrant families are usually separated for prolonged periods or indefinitely, mainly due to country’s harsh policies and practices that regarding the family reunification. Some of the barriers are as listed below:

  • A narrow meaning of family that includes non-biological children
  • Costly and tedious DNA testing process
  • Bars on sponsorship if the sponsor is accepting social help
  • Authoritative delays

Some of the key age-related stats in Canada are as mentioned below:

  • Median age for young adults to complete a graduation degree is 24.7
  • More than 50% of the young adults aged between 20-24 dwell with their parents.
  • Nearly 13% of the students completed their high school between 20-24.

All through the campaign, the Liberals promised to make family reunification a more open and faster process. The Liberal stage incorporates measures to:

  1. Restore the highest age for dependents from 19 to 22, making it less demanding for outsiders to bring their older kids to Canada.
  • In general, older children are an advantage to their family, and in addition to society as they frequently take care and help younger siblings, which authorizes guardians to work more. They may likewise work and contribute financially to their families and society.
  1. As per the current immigration rule, sponsored spouses or partners in comparatively new relations need to dwell with their sponsor for a minimum period of 2 years in order to obtain a PR. This condition is applicable for spouses who don’t have any kids while they are applying for PR. This rule is conceived to reduce fake marriages for individuals who are fraudulently making their way into Canada.
  • As per the latest proposal, sponsored spouses and partner could dwell in Canada as they like.

The draft changes regarding the family reunification policy are now under comment and consultation period. This policy if implemented would help the families to stay together, which would, in turn, make Canada a popular destination for migrants.

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