New rule announced for EAD extension

Posted on: 24 Feb 2017  |   Tags: ,

  EAD United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced a new petition for regarding Employment Authorization Document, effecting from February, 2017. With the announcement of this new petition, validity for an EAD will be automatically increased for more 180 days under three different circumstances, The applicant should remain in a qualifying stage. Next, the application for the new EAD should belong to the same category as the original expired EAD. Lastly renewal of Form I-765/EAD should be filled up in the due time. This new rule will help foreign citizens who will fill the Form I-765, to get an automatic extension of 180 days of work authorization in the USA. This extension will start on the expiry day of the previous EAD and will remain live for next 180 days unless and until the application is denied by the USCIS. As the new rule will come into effect from February, foreign citizens who have already applied for the renewal of EAD in January will also become eligible to get the extension of 180 days. USCIS also clearly mentioned that submission of Form I-765 or the application for renewal of EAD in due time means that an applicant must have to apply for the renewal on or before the expiry date of his current EAD. Applicants are also advised to follow the one and only exception of this new rule which states that an application should be filed under the same category as the original one. USSCIS has also released a list of the eligible categories under which an applicant may become eligible for an extension of 180 days. The categories are listed below; A03 for refugees, A05 for people granted asylum, A07 for a dependent child or parent of a permanent resident, A08 for the citizens of Marshall Island, Micronesia and Palau, C08 for asylum pending applications, C10 for application for suspension of deportation, C16 for the citizen applying for status adjustment, C20 for people who have already filed a legal application, C24, C31 and A12 for applicant with life legalization, self-petitioner under VAWA policy and TPS category respectively. Any non-immigrant spouse who holds any of the E1, E2, E3, H4 and L2 status will not become eligible under the new rule of 180 days automatic EAD extension once there original EAD expires. USCIS also mentioned in the announcement that an applicant can use the receipt of I-797 for Form I-765, filed in due time along with the expired and old EAD as a documentary proof for the extension of new EAD in the case of I-9 verification.

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