New Policies for Urgent Permanent Residence Cards

New Policies for Urgent Permanent Residence CardsAccording to the government of Canada, now it is going to take 41 days for the processing for a new card after submitting the application, whereas 63 days are set for the renewal of the card.

There are different provisions made regarding the visa application processing time.

It is essential to use this card while returning from another country. Due to this, the card can be issued in 3 months. First is serious health issues of oneself or health issues or death of another family member.

The second one is traveling because of employment opportunities or requirements.


These are the documents required for the urgent processing-

  • A copy of tickets or other documents proving the date and destination where the person is traveling to.
  • A copy of payment proof of traveling, displaying date and amount transacted.
  • Letter describing the reason for urgency.
  • Proof of urgency i.e. Doctor’s declaration, Death Certificate or employer’s letter.

The application of the urgent card is to be submitted in Case Processing Centre in Sydney. There are some scenarios which should also be considered and followed-

  • Case-1

For the person hasn’t been applied for the card before-

For the urgent processing “Urgent” must be written on an envelope. Envelope must contain the application and other documents required.

  • Case-2

For the person who is applying again for the card-

If the applicant is not being shown in the online list then the application must be written again by following the above method for urgency. The copy of a receipt of payment made to fill online form must be attached.

If the process is ongoing, then the applicant must contact IRCC by requesting urgent processing on their site. Upload all the documents, and follow the needed instructions.

  • Case-3

Applicant is outside Canada and does not have valid PR card.

He/she can apply for Permanent Resident Travel Document to enter in Canada.

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