New increase in visa fee for US immigrants

Posted on: 26 Feb 2017  |   Tags: ,

US visa fees Citizenship and Immigration Services of the United States of America has announced a new petition declaring that application fees for US immigration will increase, with effect from the beginning of the current year. With the latest increment in the application fee, it will affect the people who are willing to file an application for non-immigrant, permanent residency and naturalization visas. The election of Donald Trump has created a fuss among all the immigrants of US and hence there is a root of uncertainty over the issue of immigration. As a result, a lot more people are applying for the citizenship in the USA but at the same time, most of the permanent residents are not bothering to fill a form in order to get a citizenship. After the announcement of the petition, it has become more expensive for the people who are willing to apply for the l129 non-immigrant work visa i.e. H1B, L1 and H2B visa. International managers and executives, specialized workers and graduated workers from foreign countries who will be applying for L1A, L1B and H1B visa respectively, now have to pay $460 instead of $325 and $1225 as the premium fee for the processing. Apart from l129 visa, this petition will also affect application fees for E1 Treaty Trader and E2 Treaty Investor visa. The I140 immigrant visa petition fee has also increased excessively from $580 to $700. The I140 immigrant visa petition falls under several categories of EB1C, EB2, and EB3. Thus needless to say peoples from various categories such as skilled workers with a bachelor degree, advanced degree holder even managers and multinational executives are now going to face a problem here. Leon Rodriguez, director of the USCIS said that the US visa fee increases for the first time in last six years at random such as an increment of naturalization application fee from $595 to $640, an increase in application for the Citizenship Certificate from $600 up to $1,170. Moreover, the application fee for registration of permanent resident or status adjustment has also hiked up to almost $1,140 from $985, a rise of $115 for the US citizens for petitioning a relative from $420. He also mentioned in his statement that this change has been made following the recommendation of the fees review report done in 2014 and 2012. There is also a change in the application fee for authorized employment from $380 to $410 along with a rise in the fee for the application for extending or changing the status of non-immigrant from about $290 to $380.

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