New Bill in the US Senate that Supports to Issue More Green Cards

New Bill in the US Senate that Supports to Issue More Green Cards

Two senators in the USA have collectively introduced a Bill that attempts to increase the green card numbers issued every year and make additional changes to the modern immigration policy.

The move attains even as different Bill, the S386 Immigration Bill, attempting to lead in a liberalized green card management, is arranged for a vote in the US Senate on 17 Oct night as per India time.

Senators in the Democratic party- Patrick Leahy and Dick Durbin presented on 16 Oct the Resolving Extended Limbo for Immigrant Families and Employees (RELIEF) Act, which primarily seeks to eradicate the backlog in employment and family green cards, presently between 10 to 150 years, as per the green card lawyers. If set, most immigration specialists do not assume it to be passed by the US Senate as it is dominated by the opposing Republican Party Indian natives would be among the largest beneficiaries.

Introduced Bill Details

As per the Bill, approximately 4 million individuals are on the state department’s waiting list for immigrant visas, in addition to plenty of immigrants in the USA who are also anticipating for green cards. As the law attains, only 1,40,000 employment green cards and 2,26,000 family green cards are possible annually, and plenty of these go-to children and resident spouses. One of the most dangerous problems in our weak immigration system is that there are not approximately adequate green cards possible each year. As a consequence, immigrants are stuck in backlogs for several years, senator Durbin stated.

The answer to this backlog is transparent: double the green card numbers. I’m proud to launch this common-sense bill to finally to avoid the employment and family green card backlog. If passed, it would double the green card numbers that issued.

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