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New 10,000 Working Visas Released By Canada

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Last week Canada released its 2018 Immigration Policy and this week the government announced that they will issue 10,000 working visas for young Irish people. This is such a good news for those Irish people planning to move to a different country to find work. Canadian Immigration Services will be welcoming one million immigration over the next three years. Young Professional  and Working Holiday permits is available for working people between 18 to 35 years of age.

People can work in the country on this visa for two years. If a person comes on a International Co-Op visa, they can work until a one year only. Thousands of young Irish people migrate to Canada every year. It is a favorite country among many Irish jobseekers. Recently, the Canadian government said that are expanding their immigration policies. Canada has a median age of 41. Around 5 million people will retire in 2021. This means Canada needs workforce.

Old age is a threat to their economy. The Canadian government said that immigration has enhanced Canada.

Source: Shangri-La.com

Wants to strengthen the economy

In a statement released by the Canadian government, they said that Canada is committed to immigration and is looking forward to welcoming more immigrants. They want to make Canada strong through economic growth and build a big diverse community. The government of Canada will do everything it takes to preserve peace and safety in the country and maintain border security.

Immigration plays an important role in pushing the economy forward. Canada is in a better position because of its immigrants. The country has a 75 percent growth rate because of immigrants and want to increase it to 100 percent in the coming years.

In 2017, Canada welcomed around 300,000 Syrian refugees. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was there to welcome them all. Canada is definitely leading the game when it comes to immigration.


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