Mutual Understandings between UK & India in 2017

Post-Brexit, the United Kingdom has made friendly moves towards building a strong relationship with India. But as the UK brings a stronghold on the number of employees and students coming in the country, it seems to be like the relation might deteriorate. 2017 marked as the 70th year of India’s independence from the British rule. And therefore, this year was highlighted by the cultural ties between the United Kingdom and India. A Foreign Officer from the Commonwealth committee said that even though 2017 marked the 70th anniversary of India’s independence, other issues like trade and education remains in the forefront between the two countries. The officer also said that Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, described the connection between the people of the two countries as a living bridge. The link strengthened because of 2017 cultural ties. Both nations are looking forward to expanding their 16 billion GBP bilateral trade and boost each other’s economy. The officer said that the UK is looking forward to their trading relationship after Britain’s exit from the European Union. Modern and diverse democracies The UK government described both the countries diverse, vibrant, and modern. They want to share values and connections with India. The UK is currently preparing to host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in April 2018. The Queen announced it during her annual Christmas speech. The UK is hoping the PM Narendra Modi visits the country for the summit. Both nations are hoping to sign a free trade agreement that will become active after Great Britain officially leaves the European Union in March 2019. The UK set up the Joint Working Group on Trade for boosting economic relationships Post-Brexit, but that will only happen when the country loosens its hold on the movement of professionals and students. Helping Indian professionals in the UK will boost the inter-country relationship.

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