More Than 60% Intl Students Want Canadian PR

More than 500,000 international students enrolled in Canadian colleges and universities in 2017, the highest ever till the date. Canada’s growing popularity can be credited to the Express Entry system that was started by Trudeau administration in 2015. According to Canadian Bureau of International Education, more than 60 percent international students want Canadian permanent residency and stay in the North American country after their studies are complete. More than 14,000 international students participated in the CBIE survey. The percent increased by nine percent from 51 percent in 2015. Leah Nord, stakeholder, Relations, and Director of Board Member CBIE, said that the number reveals the permanent residency visa is a strong point to consider for choosing their country for studying abroad. She also mentioned that while so many students want to stay back after completing their education, the Canadian government needs to put more efforts to make things easier for international students, so that more stay back. CBIE Member of Director Board emphasized that foreign-born students should be provided with more guidance and support at college and university level so that they are prepared to enter the real world. Canadian government Amy Braye, International Education Centre Manager, Mount Saint Vincent University, feels that foreign-born students’ intention to remain in Canada after completing education is generally perceived positively in the Canadian society. Braye also said that there are many job prospects for international students to stay and work in Canada, helping them to apply for permanent residency. She also emphasized that the Canadian government and provincial governments need to do more in helping the students and giving them more opportunities and provide them with a headway into their sectors. Indians make the most number of international students in Canada, followed by China and South Korea. Indians also make up the highest number of candidates who received Express Entry invitations.

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