More Than 40 African Illegal Immigrants Rescued

Posted on: 15 Jan 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

Over 50 African youngsters were found in Algerian waters. They have rescued 25 nautical miles away from Beni-Saf beach, Algeria. There were a total of 48 immigrants, out of which nine were women and three minors. They belonged to different African nationalities including  Mali, Guinean, Senegalese, and Ivorian. They were taken abroad on the Algerian coast guard boat and were given all necessary care. All 48 abroad the tiny boat started their journey from Morocco but couldn’t go past the Algerian waters. They lost the north direction and didn’t know what direction to take after trying all directions for almost four days. After rescuing them, the illegal immigrants were handed over to the investigation department who will make the decision. For a couple of years now, many Africans are fleeing to Europe for finding a better lifestyle and secure their future. Abdelkader Messahel, Foreign Minister of Algeria, decided not to comment on the issue. He failed to address the issue regarding Algeria’s security and development and migration that majorly happens in the Mediterranean region. He says the Mediterranean region is facing a migratory phenomenon. All borders must be integrated to stop illegal immigration that brings with it human trafficking. He talked about the issue at the Conference of Foreign Ministers of the Dialogue 5 + 5. He said the Mediterranean region has for long been a conflict zone, but now it wants peace. The region should reflect shared prosperity, cooperation, human and cultural crucible, and rich. All Mediterranean countries should come together to become a Mediterranean community.

Europe’s take on immigration from Africa

For long, Europe has tried to stop immigration for Africa. They just come in, but the countries aren’t that equipped with handling such a large population. Most of them go to Ukraine, Poland, or Germany, the UK, where there are already too many immigrants. Many of the immigrants end up doing minuscule jobs.

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