More migrants can now be part of QuebecKathleen Weil, Quebec Immigration Minister approved the goals of government to embark on the recent immigration policy reforms to accept more migrants. This program is named as “Together, We Are Québec” and could fulfill the dream of many migrants to be part of the country. The new immigration policy plans to raise the economic immigration to 70 % of its yearly intake. The government will allot nearly 40 Million USD in order to bring down the processing delays of application to 3 months. They have also created different types of programs for temporary employees and global scholars to be PR (permanent residents).

Statistics have revealed that persons with strong relationships to Quebec have improved the odds of effective economic settlement. These groups would also be qualified for free French online language classes. Kathleen has mentioned that huge efforts have been made in reducing the unemployment rate among migrants. Unemployment rate for migrants was 12.4 % in 2011 and has reduced to 10.7%  in 2015.

Migrants need to have good knowledge of French language to be able to integrate successfully with the Canadian citizens. Kathleen plans to take up more than one thousand migrants in the year of 2017 and 2018, which could raise the total number of migrants to 51,000 for those 2 years before raising the count to 52,500 in 2019. The number of persons available to do work is decreasing in Quebec as most of the employees are becoming older and retiring. The low-birth rate has further amplified the issue. Industries in Quebec has started to feel a stark dearth of competent and young employees. Kathleen admits that migration can solve this issue to a greater extent, and the competition among the migrants would also be tougher.

The new migration policy along with a splendid budget of 42.5 mn USD can significantly improve the migrant influx. Kathleen has stated that more global scholars from Quebec University who have completed their graduation could get PR status.

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