Migrant students can now stay in US for more time

Migrant students can now stay in US for more time

President Obama's activities to broaden the government policies related to education visa, which permits immigrant students to work as well as study in the U.S. has gathered positive response from numerous migrants. Students in technology, math, biology and engineering fields can stay in the nation on visas for 12 months before and 29 months after completing their graduations as per government’s norms. The precise policy details and its implementation date are still unknown; However, Obama has guided the education ministry policy makers to start formulating policies that could incorporate extending the stay of such students.

Experts state that the nation is encountering a superfluous brain drain as numerous foreign students who migrated to the U.S. and get degrees in much demanding fields leave soon after completing their studies. They hardly contribute anything to the country’s economy. This is the flip side of the coin.

The count of foreign students studying engineering in the U.S. has increased by 14 percent between 2014-15 and 2015-16, as per latest data. The number of students who are seeking for math and software engineering majors has expanded by almost 22 percent. A huge number of citizens wants this policy to be implemented as early as possible so that they will be allowed to serve the nation they love the most without any restrictions.

Obama likewise opened the ways to all those immigrants who wish to study in school by removing age limitations on his previous official activity known as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The activity permits multiple students to get a respite from expulsion, and minimum 19 states permit children in the DACA project to pay an in-state educational cost. Since the activity was actualized, around 7.5 million students have profited from the policy.

Immigration, at its core, is about individuals and their desires for better lives for themselves and their families. As the US keeps on losing market share of researchers to nations with friendlier immigration policies, president's amiable strategies for students to stay and work is bringing cheers among numerous migrants.

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