Mexico Says No to Migrating Caravan Arriving at Border

Protests Rocks Arrival of Thousands of IMMIGRANTSLast week, news of the first batch (400 migrants who earlier broke away from others) of migrating caravan arriving Tijuana emerged, and since their arrival, thousands of other Central American migrants have joined them. They are all aware of the aggressive move against them by the government of United States, nevertheless, majority of them are willing to stick around for months until things calm down when they will eventually get the asylum they seek. This news of thousands of immigrants, who are willing to linger for months, arriving Tijuana (American border) has rocked Mexico. On Sunday, tensions were flying as hundreds of residents protested the situation. The protesters are a group opposing what they call the ‘chaos’ caused by the migrating caravans. They gathered at the front of the largest makeshift shelter in Mexico and were shouting the Mexican national anthem as they wave the country’s flag.

The Protest

The hundreds of protesters revealed they have no reservations about legal immigration but are totally against “illegal invasion” – in their words. They want the Mexican government to toughen border policies just like the US. They want their president to defend the country against violence which they say is inevitable with the presence of the migrating caravans. Some of the protesters also stated that while they have unequivocally disagreed with Trump on many issues, they agree with him on this. These illegal immigrants should simply go home. Any sort of mass deportation by these immigrants could shut down the Ysidro port of Entry according to Roy Grant, a resident of Tijuana. Others said not all the migrants are seeking a better life for families, some are gang members. Juan Manuel Gastelum, Tijuana Mayor, referred to the massive entrance as an “avalanche” that could cause tensions in the city longer than desired (at least six months). Tweeting about the situation, Trump told the immigrants to go home and stop causing crime and big problems in Mexico. To get your possible Immigration options, approach ImmigrationNews now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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