Mexicans Can Now Travel Visa Free To Canada

Travel visa free to CanadaFrom 1st December 2016, Mexican officials can travel to Canada without any need for visa. This was announced by Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, in June. However, the decision was taken under the risk of large increase in asylum requests from Mexicans, which in case happens, the visa requirement would be reinstated swiftly as quoted by John McCallum, Canadian Immigration Minister. Also, there are fears that the Donald Trump’s new election as president of United States can also effect the claims, increasing greatly. However, John McCallum believes that the situation will now come, although the previous visa restriction was the mainly due to the huge number of claims received by the Canadian government. However, McCallum assured that everything is planned and the trade and tourism sectors will have a huge benefit in this situation. Both the Canadian and Mexican officials have joined hands in order to avoid the risk. The visa requirement in 2009 was the result of annual claims that dropped from 9,000 to 1,199 after the move. There also exists a Trump factor in this situation as his anti-immigration policies has already forced Mexicans in United States to illegally make a move towards north of Canada. Experts believe that the Mexicans, who are used to standard living, may opt for Canada instead of trying and moving back into their home country. The estimated number of people crossing the United States – Canada border is unknown, but 487 people were caught in 2011. People make it across the border by boat, swimming or by land in very remote areas. The bigger problem is created by the people who enter the country with the visit permission, but never leave. The website of immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada crashed on the very night of Trump’s election as a large number of people are willing to leave the country as the result became clear.

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