Manitoba Changes the Traditional Immigration System

Manitoba Changes the Traditional Immigration SystemThe recent changes made by Canadian province, Manitoba, opens door for a new system for bringing in the immigrants. According to the changes, the province will no longer deduct any points for the immigration candidates who happen to have close relatives in any other province than Manitoba. Also, in addition to the previous change, the province will no longer penalize the immigration candidates, who made an application previously to immigrate to a province other than Manitoba.

Up until now, for the above mentioned clauses, 100 points each were deducted for some candidates under the MPNP Skilled Worker Stream. The candidates may have to obtain a total of 1000 points overall. Out of four original risk assessment factors two are already mentioned. The other two factors are work experience in other province and completing the studies in another province than in Manitoba.

With the current changes, only the candidates who have completed their studies and worked in other provinces may be subjected to the points being deducted. For the candidates who have close relatives in other province or have just expressed an interest in living in any other province are no longer penalized.

There are two ways in which MPNP for Skilled Workers operate. First is the Expression of Interest, where an eligible candidate may make an EOI by selecting any one of the two categories; Skilled Workers for Manitoba or Manitoba Changes the Traditional Immigration System. The second option is through Invitation to Apply in which the candidates receive an invitation known as Letters of Advice to Apply and then the candidate may submit an application for permanent Canadian residence.

In the category of MPNP Skilled Workers in Manitoba, the applications are accepted from the candidates who are currently working in Manitoba and also have been offered a permanent job in the province. Most eligible candidates are qualified foreign workers and international student graduates and these candidates are not selected based on points.

However, in the sub-category of MPNP Skilled Overseas, a candidate may be from outside Canada but is highly talented and can be very useful for the Manitoba province. To select these candidates a point based system is followed and factors like age, language proficiency, work experience, education and adaptability are considered.

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