Life is Still Difficult for Syrians in Canada - But Safe

Posted on: 11 Feb 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

Until November 2017, the Canadian government had welcomed and settled around 40,000 Syrians in its territories. You might think they are doing great and back in their routine, but unfortunately, that isn’t true. Hussam Alahmad, Sherin, his wife, and daughter shifted to Canada in February 2017 and thought all their problems were over. Soon after arriving in Canada, Sherin gave birth to their son and named him Justin Trudeau, dedicating it to Justin Trudeau, as he was the reason they were safe. But soon the enthusiasm and optimism as life became harder and harder to them. They live in a hotel room in North York. Hussam, his wife, and daughter slept on the floor until someone gave them an air mattress. The hotel room costs them $1,400 monthly and has to depend on government assistance for survival. The Syrian family isn’t sponsored by a private sponsor or the government but came to Canada seeking asylum on themselves, after living in a foreign country for a while. And that’s why they lack support, no friends, and employment. There’s no one for them to teach English either. Alahmad is the only English-speaking member of the family and is still unemployed, despite having 14 years of experience in a car dealership in Syria. He says that he is very disturbed and frustrated. Without a job how can he provide a good future for his family? He currently volunteers at the local food bank in Mississauga but wants to find real purpose in life.

Many are employed

Cases like Alahmad are very few because most of them are employed now. Immigration experts said that over the years, many Syrians have come to Canada as Alahmad did. He said that there’s going to lifestyle and education differences, which means they will earn lesser than their Canadian counterparts, which is understandable.

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