Lawsuit filed, to challenge Treatment of Children facing deportation from U.S.


Nine children, suspected of crossing the border illegally, were arrested. Their lawyers argued with the aim to get the court to appoint an attorney for the children. A lawsuit was filed challenging the opinion that these young children can proficiently stand for themselves.

The lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union along with various other interested parties in one of the federal courtrooms, in Seattle. They want the current administration to make available attorneys, for these hearings on immigration, and to address the issue of illegal undocumented children who face deportation.

The Lawsuit aims at changing the age-old policy on ‘handling children’ in immigration courts

This lawsuit has been filed with a hope to ensure that the proceedings in the court are fair and that the children will have a legal representative, as there’s no rationalization for creating an exception to the immigration law.

One of the Judges overseeing the immigration courts made a statement that he can successfully explain the nuances of USA immigration law to children which apart from being an irrational statement has got all then activists outraged. The activists were outraged as children young as three and four years old were expected to understand the nitty-gritty’s of immigration and law.

The complaint was filed in 2014 suggested a violation of constitutional guarantees and federal laws that require an absolutely fair hearing before a USA immigration judge.

Immigration of Children crossing U.S. border

A flow of solitary unaccompanied children across the United States border was mostly to flee from gang violence along with the financial harsh conditions in countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, in the latter half of 2014.

The wave subsided; however, the surge of young immigrants, mainly children was greater than before again towards the close of 2015. Between October first and November Twentieth of 2015, the number of children increased to 12,505 that were taken into custody.

The Case

Amongst the children, in quest for adequate and fair legal representations regarding their case are those abandoned by their mother. This includes an 11-year-old from Washington State and a 4-year-old who’s from El Salvador but currently residing in Los Angeles. There are several other children in Texas as well as Florida.

There were arguments on several motions in the case. Some include dismissal of the plaintiffs and to permit the lawsuit to proceed as a class action suit. The young minors are secluded by current policies and pro-bono legal options.

Deputy Assistant U.S. Attorney General Leon Fresco suggested that offering non US citizens legal rights including representation by an attorney would shatter the USA immigration system. He suggested that people may recognize this leverage to sue the government and as a result, the immigration system would be bound to be impacted.

The judge will take a call on the motions, which would affect countless children, already under the purview of immigration laws, in force today.

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