Jobs In Australia, Currently Is At Its Highest

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maxresdefault The number of jobs in Australia currently is at its highest level as seen in over three years, as per the data released by the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). In the last three months to February, the numbers of job vacancies have swelled by 3.1 percent. This has left the number of job openings up to 13.4% from 12 months earlier. The increase has been phenomenal to 172,900 jobs in trend terms. Since August 2012 have there have not been these many Australian job vacancies Sector-wise the jobs in Australia, where the openings in the private firms grew by 2.7 percent about 157,000 jobs. The job openings were up to 12.4 percent from February 2015. Even though small in number, the number of job vacancies with the government jumped by 6.8 percent to 15,900. This has increased up to 24.8 percent from the levels the vacancies were at a year earlier. Even though this is a pleasing sign, as well as one that suggests an improvement in the labor market conditions as it is seen in the second half of last year, the growth in advertisements for job vacancies has been moderate in the recent months. This suggests that hiring level, besides the job openings, may be slow in the times ahead. Mining jobs are becoming rare In a fast changing economy, the mining jobs in Australia are becoming hard to come by, mainly on account of the slowing raw material demand from China. The number of mining jobs has stabilized in the past year, though the industry is downsizing. New investment has slowed down and job losses have impacted many industries where most of the losses was found to be in mining and construction jobs in Australia. There has been a transition from the construction industry to production-based industries. Changes have been brought about with an efficiency drive that has led to cut in the layers of replication and duplication in the middle management, along with automation that has ultimately reduced the number of manual roles. Highest paid jobs in every Australian state According to the ATO’s (Australian Taxation Office) annual Taxation Statistics, some of the top paying jobs in Australia include Surgeons, Anesthetists, Specialist physicians, Psychiatrists, Legal professions, Medical practitioners, Dental practitioners, Financial dealers, consultants and economists, Chemists, Food and Wine Scientists, Mining engineers,  as well as Chief executives and Managing directors. The salary packages range between $139,000 and $480,000 depending on State based on the average taxable income. This information should help prospective students and those seeking to immigrate to Australia, to streamline their applications, develop their skill set and apply for these top paying jobs.

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