Jayman Built Supporting Immigrants to Build their New Home

Posted on: 22 Jan 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

Immigrants have significantly increased in Canada after the country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, launched the Express Entry program, followed by Quebec’s own Provincial Nominee Program in 2015. Canadian dream, how the government popularizes, is all about good health care, freedom, employment, and limitless opportunities. Jayman Built, a construction firm in Canada is helping immigrants continue their dream. After Wayne Thompson and his little family of four moved to Canada from the United Kingdom in April 2012, they lived in rented apartments for a while. In March 2014, the family finally settled in Calgary and decided they wanted to purchase a house in Cochrane. When they couldn’t find a home perfect for their family, they decided to appoint Jayman Built to help them build their new home. Thompson said that they could see the company’s commitment from the very first day. Jayman Built is in the building industry for the past two decades and especially work with immigrants to help them to settle. Thompson said he was worried initially because the process of buying a house is very hectic and complicated. It is more reliable and stable than buying home in the UK. Usually, people in the United Kingdom who are selling their property pull out of the agreement after a change of mind. It isn’t the same in Canada, and he is very thankful about it. By their side all the time Thompson surely looks pleased with the kind of service provided by Thompson Built. They are not only there during the financial part of the process, but always there to guide his family. They told everything upfront and didn’t try to hide even the minor details. Nishi Saraswat, area sales manager, Jayman Built, said that it is different to build a home in a foreign country. So when immigrants approach them, they don’t only sell houses but educate them as well.

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