Irish Guaranteed of Free Movement Post-Brexit by UK Government

Irish Guaranteed of Free Movement Post-Brexit by UK GovernmentAccording to the Common Travel Area (CTA) guidance published by the UK government on Friday, February 22, the free movement of Irish people residing in the UK will not be hindered post-Brexit. The UK and Ireland had had CTA agreement that gives citizens of both nations the freedom to live and work in either nation before the UK became a member of the EU. Citizens of both countries receive treatments of a holder of permanent residence permit in each nation. UK citizens in Ireland are not required to have a visa or residence permit as well as employment permit. The same applies to Irish people in the UK.

Free Movement not affected by Brexit

The government of both Ireland and the UK have put in efforts to see that the free movements between the nations continue after March 29 when Britain is expected to depart the EU. CTA agreement covers the healthcare, education, voting rights, social housing and social security benefits of Irish nationals residing in the UK. Also, Irish people in the UK are not mandated to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme except they wish to do so. EU Settlement Scheme is an application process designed for EU nationals who want to remain in the UK post-Brexit. The guidance clearly spells out that Irish nationals in the UK are not required to do anything to protect their status in the country pre or post-Brexit. It must, however, be noted that family members of Irish nationals that are not Irish or British citizens who wish to remain in the UK must apply for the EU Settlement Scheme. Such family members will provide proof of the Irish citizen's nationality, proof of their relationship and proof of their continuous residence in Britain. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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