Indians Safe From The Recent Changes In Visa Category

Indians safe from recent changes in Visa categoryIn the recent news, The Home Office in United Kingdom announced that individuals applying for Tier 2 visas from 24 November onwards under the ICT scheme would need to meet the wage threshold pre-requisite of £30,000. Earlier, the limit for the same was £20,800. However, it seems that Indian IT professionals will not be much affected by this move. One of the managing directors of institute of management, Ranchi – “Kris Lakshmikanth”, as saying that most IT employees from India are getting paid more than the new current basic that the UK insists on. He was of the view that Indian IT firms do not pay lower salaries than the limit stipulated by the British government. The Tier 2 Intra-company transfer category rules also require a health surcharge for migration that has to be paid. These   details will be declared in some time and would apply to all the IT companies when they file for visa applications to Britain from India. According to Lakshmikanth, the median annual incomes of Indian IT employees in sales who are given on-site opportunity by their companies in the UK is around £50 k to £60 k pounds, and they can also earn an additional 50 to 60% commission in addition. However, salaries paid two decades earlier for Indian IT professionals were more than what the UK government had earlier stipulated as the basis. It is also known that IT employees from India constitute 90% of visas allocated in the category. Also, our few management experts like Sanchit Gogia (CEO of Greyhound Research), Ramesh Loganathan and IT advisory firm had strongly agreed that salary figures prescribed by Britain are not exorbitant by the Indian IT standards, so that will not affect our country. Therefore, the consequence is that IT professionals from India will not be affected by the changes to Tier 2 ICT visa category. So ultimately, Indians have nothing to worry about the change of visa category.  

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