Indian Woman Fights to Stay in Pakistan With Husband

Posted on: 02 May 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

Kiran Bala’s story is straight out of a Bollywood movie and too dramatic to be true. The 32-years old is a widow and mother of three, who now goes by the name of Amina Bibi. On April 11, Bala left for Pakistan along with Shirmoni Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee group to visit the Nankana Sahib. She visited the holy place on April 14 and disappeared into thin air on April 16. The following day, a video of her getting married to a Pakistani man appeared online in which the marriage certificate is also shown. On the marriage certificate, her name is written as Amina Bibi, hinting that she might have changed her religion to Islam before getting married to Mohammad Azam. Since she was on a visitor visa to Pakistan, she applied for a six-month visa extension and Pakistani citizenship. She requested the Lahore High Court to request the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help her get a six-month extension and citizenship at the same time so that she never has to leave her husband. Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied her saying that they don’t handle such cases and have forwarded it to Federal Ministry of Interior.

Will she get Pakistani citizenship?

The ministry will soon receive the applications and will verify all the documents. They have already granted her one-month visa extension instead of six. Pakistan's law permits Bibi to become a citizen only if she gets a six-month visa extension. However, according to the Indo-Pak treaty, if a citizen of either country wants citizenship of the other, they need to stay in that country for seven years and apply for a visa extension every six months during the tenure. If she doesn’t get the six-month visa extension after the one-month visa expires, she won’t get the citizenship and will have to keep applying for visa extensions.

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