Indian IT firms to pay 50% more for US Visa Immigration

Indian IT firms to pay 50% more for US Visa Immigration The IT tycoons as they call Infosys, TCS and Wipro would have to invest some more on their IT skilled labour for getting a H1B to the US. It has not been an easy year from the beginning of this year as the value of the dollar fell from Rs 70 to Rs 65 and still shows no sign of improving in the coming future.Trump’s tagline of “Buy Americans Hire Americans” has cost more to Indian IT’s operational cost in the US.

As 60% of the Indian IT stakes come from its business projects in the US, the Indian IT companies have to hire the local people instead of an Indian expat if the requirement for the project is getting fulfilled by the US-based techie.

The minimum wage requirement has also risen to 1,50,000 USD dollars which also poses a certain amount of distress to IT firms.The advancement of new rules and policies USCIS under the US immigration system will witness a change which had been for over 10 yrs with a new set of rules and regulation.The expatriation will occur only if their is a skill mismatch for any of project requirements.US government will try to maintain its global competitive advantage and will reinstate new policies for an issuance of H1B visas.

Though the Indian IT  is witnessing a rough patch, still the skill and expertise professional sees no worry of H1B visa grant.

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