Indian Govt. Extended Visa without Passport to Pakistani

Posted on: 19 Jan 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

Abbas Karadia, an Indian national, is looking for Indian citizenship for his son, Asif Karadia. Even Asif born in Pakistan, he has spent most of his life in India, especially in Mumbai city. He even has Indian government issued documents like Aadhar card, PAN and he means no harm. The Maharashtra State Home Department asked the Bombay High Court to increase Asif’s long-term visa by three more years. He was a huge sigh of relief for the father-son duo, who’ve struggled through sleepless nights in fear of being deported to Pakistan. According to the government, Asif, who is 51-years old, is a Pakistani national. The Division Bench of Justices, Rajesh Ketkar, and RM Borde attended his plea. The Bombay High Court said that they can grant him the extension until December 24, 2021. The lawyers who are fighting Asif’s case said that he has a PAN card, ration card, voter ID, and Aadhar Card. The government has kept his citizenship papers pending for the past seven years. Asif’s father is an Indian citizen married to an Indian woman. Even though Asif conceived in India, his father moved to Pakistan, where he was born in 1965, making him a Pakistani citizen. Asif came to India with his mother in 1967. He couldn’t even go to Hajj in 2012 since his passport application rejected. As per the passport officials, they couldn’t grant him the passport because he didn’t have an Indian Citizenship certificate. Giving long-term visa without a passport The Bombay High Court has asked the officials to investigate how did Asif get repetitive long-term visas when he doesn’t have a passport. Getting an extension was a relief for his family, but this uncovers how irresponsible the Indian government has become. We wonder how many more times would Asif have to extend his visa before he gets Indian citizenship.

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