Immigration to Nova Scotia expected to boost in 2016

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Immigration to Nova Scotia expected to boost in 2016

According to a recent statistical immigration report published by the government of Nova Scotia this week, it has revealed that 2016 will witness a major shoot up with a favorable beneficial news for migrants.

The government of Nova Scotia has been actively working upon its Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), since 2015. The PNP stream aligned with the federal Express Entry immigration selection system was exclusively launched by Nova Scotia. There are multiple streams available for skilled employees, students and entrepreneurs like Entrepreneur stream, Skilled worker stream and graduate entrepreneur stream.

In 2015, the highest number of people has settled in the province as permanent residents with approximately 3,403 people. The majority of the immigrants have chosen to settle in capital Haliflax. It has reportedly broken the records of past 10 years. Remarkably, in only the first half of 2016 this figure has gone high with more than 3,000 migrants having made the country their abode by June end. The observation has been that of those newcomers, the majority of them are Syrian refugees.

Nova Scotia has always attracted immigrants around the world. The top three source countries are Philippines followed by the United Kingdom and India. Additionally the province has seen a gradual increase in international students. The number of study permit holders for foreign students has increased from 8,425 in 2011 to 10,602 in 2015.The students are majorly coming from People’s Republic of China followed by Saudi Arabia and India. The most popular occupation taken up by the foreign settlers are natural and applied sciences followed by the marketing and sales services.

"The backing that we have gathered across this region has been awe-inspiring. I do not trust anyone would have anticipated that kind of rapport ”said Diab who holds the title of minister of migration in Nova Scotia.

It is believed that Nova Scotia has been driving in settlers and students across the globe solely by their warm welcoming attitude. It is expecting a rise in 2016 as well.

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