Immigration to Australia - Australia set to reject Asylum Seekers?

Posted on: 31 Mar 2016  |   Tags: asylum , australia , immigration , immigration policy , refugees ,

The Gillard Government made a commitment in 2010 to release all children from immigration detention by June 2011, but still 1000 children languish in the harsh environment of immigration camps around Australia. The Refugee Action Collective organised a protest on July 9, 2011 outside the Melbourne Immigration Transit accommodation which is used for the detention of unaccompanied minors. Recently, a movie was commissioned by the immigration department of Australia to deter Afghan and other asylum seekers premiered on local TV. The movie seeks to reinforce a commonly held view that illegal trip and immigration to Australia is not significant especially if danger lurks at all times. The movie, The Journey, depicts hopeful asylum seekers meet tragic fate while crossing the Indian Ocean. It premiered on two channels in Afghanistan. It is the world’s second largest source of refugees and migrants in 2015, after Syria. The aim of the film produced for $4.34m is to inform the audience on the ineffectuality and fruitlessness of investing in people smugglers. The risks and dangers of immigration to Australia, the trip, include the rigid policies that lie ahead once they reach Australian waters. Afghani young men spoke to the Guardian and the goal was achieved Many Afghanis realised that the smugglers lie to the passengers before leaving. Today, Syrians are the largest group seeking asylum. Prior to the present Syrian conflict that forced millions to flee the country. Afghanistan was the major producer of immigrants in the world for over thirty years. Even though Pakistan and Iran host most of the immigrant Afghans, however, they sought immigration to Australia by boat. Harsh asylum policies and word of warning have discouraged many. Many went to Europe in 2015, with over 150,000 to Germany. Australian Immigration department wants to send the refugees home Peter Dutton, Immigration Minister, told in a top-level UN refugee meeting that the Australian border needs to be fortified, to crush people-smuggling operations. It has been noticed that migrants seeking immigration to Australia under its Syrian­humanitarian program have surrendered counterfeit documents. They have been red-flagged and rejected. In Geneva, Mr. Dutton advised the UN Refugee Agency meeting, on Syrian refugees that financially viable migrants and others did not qualify as refugees and they must return to their country of origin. There is a need for enhanced border systems to identify, register as well as process the asylum-seeking applications and individuals found not in need of protection to be sent back expeditiously. Some Australian migrants tried to use forged Syrian passports to build a brand new identity in addition to obscure any criminal history or even a non-Syrian nationality. The major hindrance in the process of immigration to Australia is the rigorous background check. Australia provides financial aid as well as an asylum as one of the top countries providing support.

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