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Immigration NZ Shutting Offices Not A Great Move

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Immigration NZ has shut many offices in the country and all around the world to protect e-visas. However, immigration officers are concerned that people might overstay because they won’t be able to find a public office to go to. They feel that technology won’t cope up with the overload. Immigration NZ said that people can still submit a paper application after fixing an appointment with an immigration officer.

Immigration New Zealand already closed its offices in Henderson, Manukau, Palmerston North, and Hamilton. The government agency’s office in Wellington will shut on November 17. Christchurch office will shut down permanently on December 21. Immigration NZ’s office in Auckland Queen Street will close down permanently in June 2018. The government agency said that people visit these offices to collect forms, drop applications, and find solutions for their queries. The agency wants people to do all of this online.

Richard Small, an immigration lawyer from Wellington, said that these offices helped immigrants and check it their documents were all in place and correct. He said that small employers don’t have enough time to go through documents of their hired immigrants. Melino Maka, chairperson of Tongan Advisory Council, that he was upset about the immigration agency’s decision. He feels because of it more people will break laws.

Source: The Telegraph

Travel more for getting work done

Melino Maka said that Pacific and Tongan people don’t know much about filling forms online. This only means they will have to travel longer distances to get work done. In a few cases, people sent applications and got a reply from the officials after their visa expired.

Online visa application is cheaper and quicker. It is eco-friendly as well as it saves a lot of paper. From May 2018, you can also apply for group visa online. Immigration NZ still has five overseas offices open.

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