Immigration New Zealand Comes to the Rescue of Exploited Chinese Workers

Immigration New Zealand Comes to the Rescue of Exploited Chinese WorkersImmigration New Zealand is taking actions to help 23 Chinese construction workers who have been left without jobs and homes in good stead. After they were evicted from their accommodation earlier this week, these men have been beneficiaries of donations in the form of food and beds. Addressing their current circumstances, the men revealed that they made a heavy payment, of thousands of dollars, to get working visas. Moreover, there was an assurance of getting jobs by National Personnel Ltd (NPL). Unfortunately, they have hardly had something to do, since they arrived in New Zealand. One of them, Li Hua Cheng, lamented that a major chunk of their time has been wasted in the process. Moreover, they had to do away with a heavy amount. They have a restriction to work only for NPL, because of the nature of their visa.

Immigration Department Steps In

Just when it seems the Chinese workers are in for tougher times, New Zealand immigration department stepped in. Speaking to the Chinese workers, Mike Treen of Unite Union said the immigration department and minister will work with the aim of resettling them and also getting them new visas. Mr. Treen expressed his confidence about the construction workers getting work pretty quick, as soon as their visa status is changed by Immigration New Zealand. The immigration minister himself said that he deems it appropriate, that the visas be changed, especially in a case of exploitation or failure to meet visa requirements, as in the present case. The government is now moving to put an end to such exploitation by firms. It is deemed inappropriate for people to pay beyond the normal, for their visas, as well as paying heavily, to get jobs. At the moment, NPL is being investigated and will be stopped from recruiting from all over the world according to Mr. Treen. The men expressed their joy and gratitude for the acts of the New Zealand government. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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