Immigration is Considered as the Major Issue in Brexit Referendum

mmigration is Considered as the Major Issue in Brexit ReferendumAccording to a social media survey, one of the main issues of Brexit referendum was immigration. This report was analyzed by accessing millions of tweets after the Brexit referendum. A research was conducted by Sheffield University according to which immigration left the issues like NHS and sovereignty behind in context of Brexit. A report states that the issue of immigration was referred for 66,000 times by those people who were in favor of Brexit. Whereas, this issue was referred only 40,000 times by those people who were against the Brexit. This report adds further that article 50 has been neglected while breaking all the ties with Brussels. It has been made clear by the 750 tweets tweeted in this context. The statistics made public by The Daily Mail from the reference of The Buzz Feed News reveals that 41,443 people were in favor of Brexit. Whereas, there were 41,445 people were there who opposed the Brexit. This data was based upon the hash tags used by the users on social media. It was noticeable to see that the people who were in favor of Brexit used the immigration four times more than any other issue. The issue of Article 50 was mentioned in 753 tweets just before the voting day. Moreover, when it was cleared by High Court that Theresa May cannot alone start the process without parliament consent then it was tweeted by more than 50,000. According to a research 51% people do not want the financial losses because of Brexit issues. There are different sectors in London which are supporting Britain to retain its position in the single market. European leaders have confirmed that they would not tolerate the movement of people to become the members of the single market. However, Theresa May is looking in the direction of setting up the position of Britain strong in the European Market.    

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