Immigrants flood US court to stop deportation

Posted on: 16 Apr 2017  |   Tags: ,

US immigration Immigration courts in the United States are flooded with cases which can eventually slow down the Donald trump’s process of deportation. A mother and her daughter who came from Honduras to downtown Memphis, immigration court put forward the girl’s asylum case. The 41-year-old mother, Maria Caballero said that her 12-year-old daughter, Angie Johnson Caballero came to this country because her uncle was murdered by a gang. Many people are flooding the US courts to prevent their deportation from the US and Federal administration is really worried about it. Memphis immigration court has jurisdiction over four states (Tennessee, Arkansas, north Mississippi and Kentucky) and has been taking cases more than ever because of which immigrants travel far for their cases. President Trump, on the other hand, has promised to eliminate illegal immigrants and deport them without any court hearing. However, any immigrant who has been staying for more than 2 yrs has a chance to plead their case before a judge. Casey Bryant, director of the legal program at social services organization Latino Memphis says; that she was representing some clients back in 2014 who were to have their court hearings this year but now it has been postponed to 2019. It is possible that immigrants are deported back to their home countries where their lives are not secured. The mother said that she left her daughter and came to the United States to live. Her daughter lived under the care of her grandmother and uncle and then her uncle was murdered brutally. The mother hired a human smuggler to bring back her daughter to U.S but she was abandoned during the journey. Border patrol authorities caught her and now she is studying in a school in Memphis. But it is not yet decided if she can live here permanently. Cases in immigration court are pending for an average of 438 days for which two more judges are hired to handle the cases. Because of so many cases, hearings are being delayed which affects people with strong cases. The cases in the immigration court are being delayed because of some petty issues like absence of the correct interpreter. The judge pulls off the case to another day and asks the immigrants to come otherwise they could be deported back to their country. Same happened with the mother and daughter who were asked to file a formal asylum claim and then went back to their city with uncertain future.

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