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Immigration Crimes in New Zealand

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Immigration crimes are those which are taken and considered as the serious offenses in the most of the countries. Due to increased tension in the present world, the security levels have got augmented and the rise of tension amongst people have also raised gradually.

New Zealand is one of those countries you wouldn’t mind spending years on, and has everything you need. It doesn’t have to deal with terrorism yet, unlike most other countries.

And yet, despite having less of terrorism or even crimes, the security is high. Crimes might not be very severe or serious in nature but if you are committing one in New Zealand, you wouldn’t likely make it without being caught – the police protection and security is one of the best in the modern world.

Immigration Crimes in New Zealand

New Zealand has tightened its immigration policy in recent years, and that is partly due to the immigration frauds.

However, crimes like submitting false or fake documents in the visa applications such as passport, to allow or aid someone who is close to them who don’t have proper visa formalities, to aid them to bring to New Zealand by deceiving and hiding about their actual reasons of the visit.

Even the penalties are very much severe in New Zealand. But when compared to other countries, the severity in laws is less in New Zealand. Anyone who is found guilty in immigration crimes is thrown behind the bars for nearly seven years.

Based on the intensity of crimes, at times they are fined up to $100,000 along with the imprisonment or only fined and left. Anyone who illegally become residents of New Zealand can be deported in their respective countries along with the penalties and punishments. Anyone who become citizens of New Zealand illegally can lose their citizenship and are allowed to take part in any of their duties.


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