Immigration chaos has reduced attendance in English language schools

Posted on: 28 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

english learners After the surprise win in the elections, Mr. Trump, the new president of USA has decided to deport illegal and undocumented immigrants from the country and to build a new wall on the Mexican border. This recent announcement has now created a panic among the immigrants who used to attend the immigration learning center to learn the English language. According to the last record, almost 420 immigrants registered themselves to learn the language which may lead them to a secure job on the American soil. Apart from these numbers, also 500 other immigrants are already applied to take part in the learning class. According to another report, the attendance at the ILC has dropped after the announcement from Mr. Trump. The Louisiana delta community college reported that almost 75% attendance was dropped while Linn-Benton community college said that since January 2017 not a single immigrant enrolled himself in the English language learning class. Mr. Agnew, co-ordinator of a family resource center told that there isn’t any increment in the total number of attendance though the organization is asking immigrants to join them. Andres Enriquez, an ESL services director from Louisiana also mentioned that currently most of the immigrants are hesitating to join the learning program. In continuation to his statement, he said that the percentage is again decreasing as the border patrol has now started to show up in the town. He also added that the miscommunication is the main factor which is creating a problem among the immigrants. Mr. Karen, director of the ILC said that the center is currently not in a position to assure the immigrants as it itself does not know the real fact. He also said that the current situation is getting stressful, even for the center staffs as well. The announcement for Mr. Trump has already created a drop in attendance in several other states of the country. Mariah Bushnell, a teacher of ESI in Windham and Portland said that immigrants from Somalia are coming to the English learning classes but they are very much scared about their future. Kelly Robertson for Spokane community college added that if the deportation of immigrants takes place, then it will seriously affect the program. She also said that the travel ban from Muslim countries has also created panic among the class students and thus it is becoming a challenge for the teacher to narrate with students inside a class. Lastly, she lastly mentioned that it is necessary for the immigrant and refugees to come to the class as it will offer them a fresh start and a better life.    

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