Immigration Business worldwide

Immigration Business worldwide.

Global immigration statistics state that, "In 2015, 244 million people, or 3.3 per cent of the world's population, lived outside their country of origin. The majority of migrants cross borders in search of better economic and social opportunities."

Its also estimated that about 50 per cent of international migrants reside in ten highly urbanized, high-income countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States, several countries in Europe (France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom), the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Migrants tend to concentrate in cities of these countries.

Even if we take a very conservative approach towards the number, and look at the official intake of some of these countries for example..

Intake wise:

Canada : 300,000+ (excluding temporary and other visas)

Australia: 200,000+ (excluding temporary and other Visas)

USA : .5 - 1 million (Migrate, not counting illegal immigrants)

Now coming to the business end of things, lets discount the illegal immigrants and refugees from our calculation as though they too spend considerable amount of money and effort but they cannot be considered by any legitimate business as clients.

Its safe to guesstimate that millions of people migrate every year to various countries. US alone sees around 1 million legal immigrants each year and 1.7 million including illegal once.

So even if we work with a modest and very conservative number like 2 million legal immigrants going through proper channels by meeting the requirements and processing documents and further make an assumption that only 1 million of them take immigration services to achieve their goals, we are still talking huge numbers.

Now even if each of them spends 240 dollars for services, which is a far cry from the actual average of 1000-1500$ it usually costs, we are talking 240 million dollars a year, which is 20 million $ per month.

Now the actual numbers can be multiples of these estimates, as immigration and visit/tourism industry runs into the Billions of dollars.

Now the question remains, if the immigration industry is a BIG Pie, how hungry are you.

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