Immigration Boost Demanded by Canadians

Immigration Boost Demanded by CanadiansAfter the consultation on Canadian Immigration, the minister in charge Mr. John McCallum stated that most people are telling him to boost the number of immigrants. All the news on new policies was made public after he spoke with a reporter following a cabinet meeting on Parliament Hill. McCallum further added that although there has been a lot of pressure, they have decided to disclose the proposal until November. However, demographic and job shortage reasons are the main factors that have lead to more number of migrants in Canada, one of the leading economies. It is also important to note that the migrants have fostered the economy of Canada beyond leaps and bounds. The statistics reveal that Canada is aiming to bring in nearly 300,000 permanent residents this year. It further classifies 80,000 under family reunification, 51,000 to 57,000 refugees and up to 162,400 economic immigrants. It is important to notice that Canada has always welcomed a great number of immigrants since last two decades. This huge amount  involves 260,404 immigrants in 2014. The yearly immigration level describes that either 0.7% or 0.8% of the population represents the number of immigrants. Moreover, the views of native Canadians are different on the immigration policy of the government of Canada. A survey was carried out and published on Sept. 1 which showcases the views of people on the immigration system. Out of 1,000 Canadians, 39% are in favor of fewer immigrants in 2017 than the previous year. 37% was in favor of same amount of immigrants and while only 16% agreed to increase the target. It summarized the outlook of the people regarding the immigrants. The immigration minister has also promised to change the rules regarding the temporary foreign workers. It is expected to release a report on the same prospective by the House of Common Committee. Mr. McCallum further denied commenting on any issue until the report finally becomes public.

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