Immigrating to Canada? Here’s what you need to know

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When you are applying for immigration to another country like Australia, UK or Canada the process can be overwhelming and tedious. Canada is one of the top tier destinations for immigrants and while the process for Immigration to Canada has become a lot tougher than before, that’s not to mean that, you cannot qualify for immigration provided you meet some of the basic criteria as set by the Canadian government.

The Federal Government and the CIC (citizenship and immigration) are the ones who set up the immigration policies, frame the requirements and the process, so if you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you need to apply through the CIC. Before you decide to file an application for immigration, here are a few basic things that you need to handle on your own, prior to the application process and additional documentation would be required to ensure that these basic requirements have been met in full.

Medical history: Since this is a process for immigration, the Canadian authorities would require you to carry out a set of invasive procedures to ensure that you are medically fit and are not a carrier for any infectious diseases. This is done to prevent any outbreak and In this regard various tests including blood tests, urine tests and X-ray is carried out in order to make sure that person is medically fit for immigration. Your application can be denied if there is any problem with your health that can directly impact other Canadians and put them at risk. There are exceptions where visitors have been permitted to enter Canada to seek specialized medical care, but with a temporary residency permit.

Security evaluation: A detailed security evaluation is carried out to ensure that you do not plan at any point of time, to cause harm either directly or indirectly to other Canadians. So if you have an arrest record, chances are it might impact your application but it is a good idea to be upfront about the same and explain the reasons behind the record in question.

Decide the category and see if you pre-qualify: You can apply to immigrate to Canada under several categories, federal skilled workers, family sponsorship, investors and self-employed and much more. You would need to meet the requirements for which ever category you choose to apply under, but the good news is that you can opt for the express entry system where in you would be required to complete a profile, and update the same with your information and supporting documentation.

And you would be entered into a common pool where each applicant is ranked based on their job experience, educational qualifications, language skills etc.; the higher the score, the chances of you landing an invite to apply increases. So do check the CIC website and see if you pre-qualify and are invited to apply for a permanent residency visa to Canada.

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