Immigrants are making US economy stronger

Posted on: 27 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

skilled immigrants Nowadays immigration has become a hot topic in the USA. Earlier, President Ronald Reagan and George W Bush tried then best to cut down and reduce immigration and also to reduce the legal immigration. But according to the country’s economy, these would have been a serious mistake as a continuous flow of immigrants are helping the US economy to grow. Recently, the National Academy of Science has published a 500-page report, which clearly shows that the highly skilled immigrants are making the USA economy stronger. But still, legal immigration percentage is dropping in the country since 2006. Some of the Americans having no idea about the market think that if there are a large number of workers then their wages will automatically drop down. But in the USA the new commoner immigrants who often start their new own business will not affect the economy and if the business rate matches with the immigration rate then there is no need of any wages cut down for the native workers. If the immigrants who are newcomers in the country are of an innovative type then wages for the country workers may rise. Innovative immigrants always like to employ researchers and engineers as they match up with the business strategy and also complement each other. Highly skilled immigrants also tend to raise wages for the low skilled country workers in order to demand quality services from them. So it can be expected that low-skilled immigrants might see a negative impact on their wages as native low-skilled workers are always preferred by the high skilled immigrants. Several other studies have come up with a fact that if the government increases the number of low-skilled native workers to support the labor force, then the American high school may see a drop out increase from 0.75% up to 12.75% which is a huge negative impact on the young school going generation. Hence, the studies suggest that there should be elimination in order to protect the native workers over the low-skilled immigrant workers. The reports also suggest if the USA hire employees from China and India then it would create a salary hike for the native the employees as well as. Moreover the USA is now recruiting high-skilled immigrants and as a result, the workers in the most states are not from Mexico but from Asia. Hence a regular flow of immigrants is hugely beneficial for country's economic growth.  

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