Immigrants are major help in improving economy: IMF Reports

Immigrants are major help in improving economy: IMF ReportsAccording to IMF (International Monetary Fund) reports, Immigrant workers (including both low skilled and high skilled) helps in boosting up the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country due to their contribution over time. The benefits being gained is shared by the population of the host country. Immigrants can cause short term problems of Integration and more government spending but it is overpowered by long term advantages. The risk of migrants not getting along with the native ones can be a serious trouble. However, the higher GDP per capita of the host country sidelines all the demerits of immigration. In countries like Canada, the major focus is on labour market as the generation is aging. High skilled workers can pass the knowledge to native ones and low skilled workers can help in joining the pool of natives. The best use of low skilled workers is in childcare as they can boost up the native people to work for longer hours. Moreover, the reports further states that the fiscal benefits of the immigration are still hidden. The general contribution is measured through the tax and social security offered by immigrants but in this process, the indirect contribution remains unnoticed. The process of faster contribution of immigrants can be aided by language training and active policies of labour market, identification of immigrant’s skill and less barriers to entrepreneurship. A study entitled under topic Immigration, Business Ownership and Employment in Canada, states that ownership for private business and self employment are higher in immigrants than natives in Canada. It was also made public that immigrant children are leaving behind their Canadian counterparts in terms of educational attainment. The statistics shows that immigrants graduating high school at a rate of 91.6% which is 88.8% for native Canadian children. Whereas, the data is 35.9% for immigrants and 24.4% of Canadian group in the university scenario.  

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