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How to Qualify for Non-Tier UK Business Visa?

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There are some substitutes to the UK entrepreneur visa which usually require a venture of $200,000.

Businesses and business proprietors should consider the possibility of coming under the unique Tier two sponsorship license schemes or delegate of an abroad business or Turkish business person visa.

What is an UK business visa?

There are some other UK visas that allow business proprietors to visit UK for a short time in order participate in permitted paid engagements like seminars or meetings. They are also allowed to represent their business or firm in some other way.

There are different business visa categories and below are two main examples.

  1. Representative of an (Overseas Business Visa)

This is usually issued out to business people who come to the UK to start up their 1st UK subsidiary or branch, of an overseas company. The business representative has to be a senior employee of this particular company and not a major shareholder.

The overseas company must wholly own the UK business or branch. This visa also allows journalists from abroad to enter UK on a long-term assignment. This visa is long-term, which means you can have an Indefinite Leave to Remain or live in the UK.

  1. Turkish Business person visa

This is issued out to Turkish citizens coming to the UK to start up a new business or to assist in running an existing one. Business people on this visa can’t work in any other job in the UK. This is also a long term visa.

You can find out the reason your immigration application has delayed by contacting your local MP or contacting the Home Office. You are also allowed to find out whether you will get your passport returned on time for a holiday. You will find information on how long the decision is going to take.

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