How to maintain permanent residency visa in Australia

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permanent residency To maintain the status of permanent residency in Australia, a person has to prove two things - either he has to meet with a residency requirement in Australia or he should have some close relations in the country. But in most cases, it has been observed that the foreign people don’t understand the real meaning of permanent residential visa which only allows to live and travel in Australia just for next five years. Here are the few tips on how you should maintain your permanent residence in Australia. A permanent resident visa in Australia will allow you a travel facility for five years and after the initial five years if you want to remain in Australia then you must apply for an Australian citizenship or you can obtain a resident return visa as qualifying for the Australian citizenship is little difficult.  Now to acquire an RRV visa, you must have to show that you have stayed in Australia at least two years during the initial period of your five-year residential visa. If you can ensure the two years of stay in Australia, then it will be easy for you to get an RRV visa with 5-year travel facility in the country. If you can’t meet up with primary requirements for an RRV visa, then you can also apply for 12 months RRV visa, but in order to obtain that you must show something which is beneficial to Australia. Like if you have a job offer in Australia or you want to run a business here, it will be good for you to obtain 12 months RRV visa. Now if you were absent from the country for more than five years then you need to show satisfactory reasons for it to apply for a new residential visa in the Australia. If you are the person, who is applying for a new visa and only you have to compel the reasons for absence. There are seven different reasons, according to which you can compel for an absence and obtain a residence and travel visa for next five years. The reasons are listed below.

  • If you are ill for a long time or you have to visit another overseas country due to death of a family member.
  • Work or higher studies have made to remain in another country.
  • If you were living in an overseas country with your Australian partner.
  • A long term medical treatment has forced you not to travel in Australia.
  • Due to legal proceedings or any other property or custody related issues.
  • Personal reasons for not to travel in Australia during the period of five years
  • Any political issues which may restrict you to travel.

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