Hike in Short Term Visas for Australia

Hike in Short Term Visas for Australia Seen in India and ChinaA great hike was seen in the short term visas issued by Chinese and Indian Immigration Department for Australia. A number of 350,000 immigrants were recorded from China and India travelling to Australia for different reasons like pursuing higher study, tours and travelling, jobs, provisional workers and other types of visas. This brief study was conducted by Immigration Department of Australia. Several controversies were seen in the limelight with respect to the right of immigrants working in Australia. The Australian Government under Turnbull also made it clear that, those immigrants who are having 457 visas now may not be allowed to apply for different jobs. According to a report of Australia’s Temporary Entrants and New Zealand Citizens, a fall has been seen in the 457 visa immigrants in Australia. As per the statistics, around 170,590 immigrants were there in Australia through 457 visas till July. This is actually 9.3% less than the figures that were recorded in previous year. Not only this type of visa witnessed a fall but other visa type has also seen the same reduction. The Working holiday visa to Australia saw a fall by 4.4% as its numbers which is recorded this time is only 137,380. However, a hike was seen in immigrant students heading to Australia who have partial right to work. It was increased by 7% with a figure of 401,420 students. The database from different countries reveal that the number of students reaching South Korea was 17,770, Nepal was 18,780, Vietnam was 20,650, India was 41,920 and China with 53,000 students.  Maximum number of students moved from China and the least number of students from South Korea. As per the statistics of Australia, the provisional visas issued were 1.06 million, which is 5.1% higher than the statistics of last year. Apart from it, there was also a 16% hike in the number of visas issued for visitors which makes a total of 262,450 people this year.

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