H1B exempted for 20000 international students for study pursuits

H1B exempted for 20000 international students for study pursuitsThe US Immigration Services which is the USCIS issues 65000 H1B visas for IT and other technology related requirement for acquiring skilled labour. Along with this, a total no. of  20000 visas will get converted to H1B Visa status for the international students pursuing their higher education. This news brought great relief to the students qualifying a degree from a reputed university and trying to make a great future for themselves.

There around 2500 universities which provide good quality higher education to immigrants. The students from different nation give a necessary preliminary entrance exam along with an impressive application stating the credentials the student achieved in its past.

India is one of the most aspiring nation to have its students enrolled in different universities; this news is a sigh of relief.US President has pledged to eliminate malpractices in H1B visa rules and restoring back its gravity which gives all the skilled immigrants a chance to prove their mettle in their area of expertise.

The candidate who will be issued with study permit visa with H1B visa petition should have a certain employer willing to sponsor the students stay in the country as its employee. The student should produce all the necessary documents for getting itself placed to any reputed firm.

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