H-1B Applications 2017 Start April 1, 2016

USCIS will start accepting H-1B applications towards 2017 cap from April 1st. H-1B program is used by U.S based companies to hire international skilled workers with specialized experience in engineering, IT, and science. The cap for 2017 will be 65,000, and the first 20,000 applicants with U.S masters degree will be exempt from this cap. The USCIS is expecting to get over 65,000 petitions during the initial five working days of the program for this year. The department would monitor the petitions it got and notify the people when the limit has been met. If the USCIS gets an excess of petitions during the initial five working days, then the department would utilize a computer generated system of lottery for randomly selecting the petitions that are required to meet the limit. The USCIS would reject all the unselected petitions that are related to the limit along with those petitions which are received after the limit has been closed. Processing for limit-Subject Petitions H-1B petitioners might still continue requesting the premium processing together with their petition for H-1B. The USCIS would start the premium processing for H-1B limit subject petitions requesting the premium processing no later than 16th May 2016. Filing the petitions H-1B petitioners are hereby reminded that when the temporary job or training would be in other locations, the state where your firm or organization’s office is situated would specify where you must send your Form I-129 package. H-1B petitioners should follow entire statutory and regulatory needs as they prepare petitions to avoid delays in the processing and possible request for proof.

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