Growth in Tech Sector Owing to Immigration – Canada PM

Growth in Tech Sector Owing to Immigration – Canada PMAt a conference held in Toronto on Monday, Justin Trudeau - Canada Prime Minister told hundreds of attendees that the country's openness to immigrants is the reason for its thriving technology sector and emphasizes the need for immigration to be viewed positively in the country. Holding for the first time in Canada, the four-day conference, tagged Collision, featured several keynote speakers including the Prime Minister.  It is the very first time the event which organizers say is North America’s fastest growing technology conference was held outside the US. Trudeau said Canada had become a significant source and attraction for tech talents, which is a pull for entrepreneurs all over the world. The rich talent pool is as a result of well implemented pro-immigration policies as well as training and educating Canadians right.

Pro-immigration Canada

Trudeau highlighted Canada's strategic positioning to remain open to immigration in a time when many other countries, including the US, are becoming anti-immigration. In a time of intense anxieties and worries all over the world, Canada continues to flourish because of the resilient communities, better solutions, and innovations it enjoys by virtue of bringing in people of different nationalities. Canada is on the right track to meeting its 2021 immigration targets as the country hope to enjoy more dividends of immigration. In the conference which still runs to Thursday, Trudeau also answered questions about a digital charter his government is creating to fight hate speech and misinformation. He said he is confident the proposed framework which will hold online platforms accountable will restore faith across the country. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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