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Moving abroad can be an exciting, life-changing decision. But with the world at your feet, where do you choose to go? Groove to the musicals from the classic movie “The Sound of Music” and plan your immigration as you read through the primary reasons to consider Austria (location where Sound of Music was filmed).


Did you know that Vienna, the capital city of Austria has been rated consistently in the top 10 of Mercer’s most livable cities inthe past decade. As well as being home to elegant cities, Austria boasts natural landscapes that are stunning, from epic mountain ranges to beautiful and lush nature reserves. It also boasts of several industries such as chemical and pharma, electrics and electronics, energy management and natural resources industry etc.


Immigration to Austria has been made easier with the introduction of the Red-White-Red Card system This criteria-led immigration system allows qualified workers from third countries (non EU nations) and their family members to permanently immigrate to Austria.


The “Red-White-Red Card“ is aimed at the following groups of people:

Very Highly Qualified WorkersThey do not need to provide proof of a job offer prior to immigration. When they reach the minimum number of points (at least 70 out of 100 points) they will receive a 6 month visa in order to find a job in Austria If they find a job that matches their qualifications in these 6 months, they will then be issued the “Red-White-Red Card“ without further labour market Tests.


Skilled Workers In Shortage Occupations: Each year, a nation-wide list of shortage occupations , based on the needs of the labour market, is created and published.

Skilled workers from non-EU countries can apply under the conditions that They have completed professional education in a shortage occupation., They have a job offer in Austria that is paid the legal or collectively agreed minimum wage plus any customary overpayment, They have attained the required minimum number of points (at least 55 out of 90 points) of the points system for workers in shortage occupations.


Other Key Workers: A labour market test certifies that no suitable worker is available for the job in question within the Austrian labour market, the individual has attained the minimum required number of points and they produce evidence of a job offer with the required minimum wage.


Self-Employed Key Workers /  Founders Of Start-Ups: Via the “Red-White-Red Card“ for independent key workers from non-EU states, immigration and establishment of a company in Austria is possible.


Foreign Graduates:For graduates from non-EU countries, there are more relaxations to apply for a “Red-White-Red Card“ and working here. After graduating, they are allowed to stay for a period of one year, within which they have to find employment. They can apply for the “Red-White-Red Card” if there is a job offer that matches their level of education and where they would earn the required minimum wage.


Family Members:Family members of holders of a “Red-White-Red Card“ or „EU Blue Card" can apply for a so-called “Red-White-Red Card plus”. This enables them to also immigrate to Austria:


The Red-White-Red Card is national Federal-level alternative for skilled workers from third countries to apply for a residence with work permit in Austria. It is usually issued for a period of 24 months and applicant’s family members may apply as well (on the grounds of family reunification). According to Federal legislation, the main general requirements for the Red-White-Red Card acquisition are:


Adequate means of subsistence 

Regular source of income that empowers you to pay for your living  It is mandatory to have a source of regular personal income enabling you to cover your living costs without having to depend on welfare aid.

Health Insurance Coverage

For your stay in Austria, you must have health insurance coverage which provides benefits in Austria and covers all risks. If you are insured in the public social insurance system (e.g. you are employed in Austria), this coverage is sufficient.

Adequate Accommodation

You have to provide proof of accommodation (e.g. by providing a lease contract), considered adequate for your family size.

No threat to public order or security

Your stay must not be contrary to public order or public security or affect Austria's relations with other countries.

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