Germany Needs to Implement Canadian Type Immigration System

Posted on: 09 May 2018  |   Tags: Germany , Iranian Students , student news , visas , World News ,

The German economy is in dire need of immigrants, but the government still needs to reform its immigration laws to make it easier for highly skilled immigrants to enter the country. During a recent interview, Joachim Stamp, deputy state premier, North Rhine-Westphalia, expressed his anxiety towards the current immigration system and said the federal government should call for a summit as soon as possible to discuss it. He said that immigration laws pop up during every speech, discussion, or interview. People are going to feel fooled if they the government doesn’t ask soon. Asylum, war refugees, and immigration of highly skilled foreign talent are being thrown in one pot. It is the country’s humanitarian duty to develop an ordered system and for the growth of Germany’s economy. Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration strongly believe that immigration is key to maintaining a healthy economy. Daniel Thym, law professor, University of Konstanz, said that the time has now come to ask these questions. Majority of the population and businesspeople are aware that something is not right in the country. They need to hear from the government that they are going to change things and make everything in alright. It will give people a chance to discuss the major issues regarding immigration, not just refugees and Muslim immigrants. Lack of technicians According to German Economic Institute, Germany’s most major issue is lack of qualified technicians, which is the worst among very highly skilled people. Tapping into domestic workforce won’t help for long because it is very little, so bringing people from out of the country is the only solution to save Germany. And that is why many German immigration experts believe that the country needs to adopt an immigration system similar to that of Canada’s. It is difficult in terms of investment demanded, but it is the easiest way to attract the much-required talent to the country.

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