Gender Neutral Option Comes into Effect in Canada’s eTA

Gender Neutral Option Comes Into Effect In Canada’s EtaNow there will be a new option of choosing ‘other’ for the visitors visiting Canada. This requirement in Canada’s electronic Travel Authorization came into full effect from November 10, 2016.

Through this step Canada joined itself into the list of selected countries like Australia, Nepal, New Zealand and others who offers the facility of choosing from a third option other than the male, female genders. Apart from it, Canada is also offering the facility to people who have changed their genders to switch the status in their passport and other documents.

A US based nonprofit group named Lambda Legal who fights for the rights of LGBT community said that inaccuracy of the documents only lead to the discrimination of people who are neither male nor female. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau also supported this step as he raised the pride flag over parliament for the first time.

The eTA is basically the process for entering Canada for those visitors who do not need Temporary Resident Visa. To obtain the eTA, a person would have to fill an online form and then the process takes place. This system first came into existence in late 2015 and then several modifications took place into it.

US residents who belongs to other country would need an eTA to enter Canada. These visitors must have the US permanent Resident Card (Green Card) and valid passport to visit Canada. Moreover, US citizens would not need an eTA or TRV to enter Canada.

There is a special case for the visitors who have dual Canadian citizenship which means they have the citizenship of Canada as well as other country too. They can apply for special authorization under which they can enter Canada through their valid passport of other country. However, this measure is only valid till January 31, 2017 for the dual citizen.

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